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4 Ways To Improve Efficiency In A Collaborative Working Space

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When you are working in a shared workspace, it is important to stay productive and focused but with many distractions such as emails, calls and so much more it can be difficult to maintain concentration for long periods. To make this easier, we have put together a list of some tips on how to make the most out of your time while staying organized in a shared working space.

 1. Make sure to get organised early – Before you settle into your workstation, make sure to organise your desk area, laptop, and any other items you might need during the day. This will help keep you on track throughout the day since all your important tools are right there where you need them.

2. Manage distractions – While working in a shared workspace, it is likely that there are lots of people around talking, typing away, and having conversations. Whilst an environment such as this can be quite helpful when it comes to maintaining your energy and creativity, it can be a little bit of a hindrance when it comes to maintaining your concentration. To help with staying focused, invest in noise-cancelling headphones or find a less populated area in the workspace where you can have some quiet time. Alternatively, having your own designated private office for either a day or for a set amount of time can be a great way of ensuring the entire team remains motivated and free from distractions when working on a project.

 3. Prioritise your tasks – It is essential to prioritise the tasks that are most important and should be taken care of first. This will ensure that your day is more productive and efficient. It is important to make sure that all meetings and collaborative projects are organised at a time that suits all those involved. Using a universal calendar to schedule calls and meetings is a great way of ensuring maximum productivity throughout the day.

4. Find ways to stay motivated – If you find yourself struggling to stay productive throughout the day, take a few minutes for yourself by listening to some music or taking a short break outside of the workspace. Whether this is going out during your lunch break for a walk or listening to a podcast in a designated break room, this is the perfect way to refresh your mind and get you back on track with your work tasks.

Making sure you have a designated area to work in is a hugely important part of creating a Collaborative Working Space and is often overlooked by employers. Therefore organising to rent a small office space in a central location can benefit your team and aid in generating a collaborative space for your business.

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