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Dogs in the workplace

Create Business Hub - Serviced Office Space for Rent in Essex - dogs in the workplace

We feel it is fair to say that the UK is a dog friendly nation, with the spirit of the Great British Bull Dog, our dog friendly pubs, the giant pet stores on every retail park and with the estimated cost of owning a dog reaching £1875 per year, why do so many of us leave our beloved dog/s at home when we go to work for the day?

Maybe your pooch prefers the peace, or you have someone at home to keep them company, but sadly that’s not always the case… Usually, we just simply aren’t allowed to take our dogs to work.

Uncertain times

Not so long ago the UK experienced a full lockdown and many people who thrived on socialisation found themselves trying to cope with an unknown situation where we were told to stay home and isolate, to work from home, shop from home etc, but we were allowed a local walk with our dogs for exercise each day. As a result, many people found themselves lonely and suffering depression, amongst the many other mental health side effects the lockdown caused and in such uncertain times it was understandable that pet ownership increased dramatically. However, once the lockdown was lifted and as we gradually made our way back to the office the number of dogs given to rescue centres also rose significantly.

There are of course many reasons for rehoming a pet, but there is no escaping the fact that people returning to the workplace and having to leave their dog home alone was a major factor.

Benefits of dogs in the workplace

So why take your dog to work? Well, studies have proven that stroking a dog reduces stress and anxiety and this in turn increases morale which is great for the mental health of everyone in the workplace.

Still not convinced.

Having a dog at work encourages a daily walk at lunchtime, this break of fresh air and regular exercise gives your brain a rest and allows you to re-focus, making your afternoon more productive and less prone to suffering from that 3pm slump!

…and, along with healthier, fitter staff, comes the bonus of increased productivity and a reduction of absence due to sickness.

Walk or drive?

Well, if you live within a walkable distance from work, having a dog will be a great incentive to ditch the car and get some exercise before hitting the office, not only will you be healthier and fitter, but you’ll also save a fortune on fuel and parking!

Seriously social

Whether you find it easy to chat to others or are shy, a dog is a great conversation starter, you’ll make new friends, unintentionally network with other people from different offices that you wouldn’t normally engage with, so your pet could be a great sales insider, and you only have to pay them in treats!


The more I write about taking your dog to work and how CREATE Business Hub love dogs and welcome them in as part of the Create family, the more I wonder why it isn’t the norm for all companies to accept pets in the workplace? Surely the positives outweigh the minor inconveniences that may arise in adapting the workplace to cater for pets.

What do you think?

Do you take your dog to work with you?

Post a photo in the comments, we’d love to see your furry family at work!

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