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Interior design in the workplace

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Most of us have spent many years working in some form of office in our working lifetime, and it’s almost a forgone conclusion that you have seen many blue carpet tiles and magnolia walls over the years… 

When you think of those offices what sort of emotions come to mind?

Did you find the environment inspiring? Did you feel at home? Do you think the décor reflected your company? I would guess the answer to those questions is a definite no.

So now that you have thought about your past professional surroundings, now think of a social place that makes you happy and inspired, what makes that environment so special?

This is where the importance of specialised commercial interior design comes in to play. As we spend more and more time in the workplace and we now understand more about personal wellbeing and staff retention, the importance to create a welcoming environment has become of increasing importance. So how is this achieved?

At Create Business Hub we believe that work can be carried out in several different surroundings, and that each person will respond differently to a particular interior style, so with this in mind we decided to offer different style options within one building, to optimise choice.

We took a large floor space and instead of bulk buying standard office fittings, we took the decision to split the floor into different zones and treat each one as an individual design, whilst maintaining an overall cohesive feel.

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