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Why Chelmsford Is Taking Over Office Space In Essex

Chelmsford is the perfect city for setting up an office space. With its close proximity to London and excellent transportation links, it makes it easy for businesses to access the capital or meet with clients. It has a thriving business community that’s home to many well-known companies, so any new business is sure to receive plenty of support from the locals. There are also many great amenities in Chelmsford, making it an ideal spot for creating a comfortable and efficient workspace.

Make Your Commute Easy With A Central Location

The office space available in Chelmsford is diverse and varied, so businesses of all sizes can find something suitable for their needs. There is a range of options to choose from; everything from large multi-story buildings to smaller units. The availability of flexible lease terms means that businesses can choose the best option for their budget and needs. With a great network by both road and rail, this is the ultimate location for those looking to provide flexibility to their workforce. With a prime location just 23 mins from the M25 London Orbital as well as travel to London by train taking just 32 mins, this is perfect for those commuting to and from the capital.

Set Up Shop Or Invest In Hotdesking

Whether businesses are looking for a place to set up shop or existing office space, Chelmsford has something suitable for a business of any size. It offers businesses great value in terms of both price and location, making it an ideal place to start or expand a business. With its excellent infrastructure, great amenities and thriving business community, Chelmsford is the perfect spot for businesses of all sizes looking to move into the area. Whether you have a local workforce, or you use the office space for an upcoming client meeting the offices to rent Chelmsford has to offer are perfect for any business looking to grow.

If you’re looking to set up office space in Chelmsford, be it private or shared, get in touch with our team today.

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