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Unique and friendly, fully serviced private offices and shared office spaces in Essex.

Winner Of The Southern Enterprise Awards 2023

We are proud to announce that we have won the Southern Enterprise Award for Best Fully Serviced Private Office Space 2023 – Essex! 

Fully serviced offices for rent in Essex

Unique workspaces to enhance workplace well-being

At CREATE we celebrate uniqueness and create a fresh approach to office design and working.

We have combined the professional aspects of office necessities with the fun and unique qualities of personal bespoke space. We have done this to make our offices feel less like, well… offices.

Located in the county of Essex, our office space to rent ranges from our smallest office of 97sq. ft. upwards of 5,000 sq. ft.

We believe we can cater for most sizes of companies with this wide range of serviced office space for rent.

We want to create a good work environment that is both productive and enjoyable for your employees.

Each of our premises has been uniquely designed and is bespoke to us. So when you walk around our office space and workspace solutions, you will be greeted with an innovative workspace.

From the subtle executive style of our Shenfield office space to the mix of modern art, industrial, natural and maximalist zones in our Brentwood office space, you are sure to find an office that suits your style and that you enjoy spending your time in.

This team of people can help the daily operations of your business in multiple ways. This includes the front-of-house receptionist who will greet your clients and visitors. They will also receive your mail and ensure all areas are kept clean and tidy throughout the day.
Create Business Hub - Serviced Office Space for Rent in Essex
Create Business Hub - Serviced Office Space for Rent in Essex

Improve work-life balance with shared office space for rent in Essex

Our thoughtful and personal shared office space for rent provides businesses with a place where collaboration and community are highly valued.

The communal kitchens and break-out areas offer a place to relax away from your desk. Alternatively, they can be used as an informal opportunity to network with other entrepreneurs and like-minded people.

These areas and the multiple conference rooms provided are all managed by a professional and friendly team. They are always there to offer help and support where needed, including the front-of-house receptionist. They will greet your clients and visitors and receive your mail.

Our fully serviced offices in Essex

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Network In A Fully Serviced Office Space In Essex

As you walk around CREATE Business Hub you will see each door has a nameplate. This not only has your company name and logo on, but it also has a very brief description of your company. This is to help passing ‘neighbours’ to learn more about you. So, if you’re too shy to knock and say hello, don’t worry… you can still network quietly.

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...All of our team love working here as they are able to work locally, but get a 'London vibe' within a positive, energetic, happy environment...

Pat Digby – Oakwood Asset Management

Have been here in the Brentwood suite for over two years. Great place to work and great people.

Barry Abrams – Abrams Insurance

Our offices come in a range of sizes and styles; we also have some of the largest serviced office space per person in the whole of Essex

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