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Are People Who Hot Desk More Productive?

Hot desking has been increasing in popularity recently, and for those who are looking for a more responsive working environment, access to flexible desks might seem the ideal solution.

But it’s also well worthwhile asking whether hot desk & shared offices arrangements can actually have a positive impact on productivity. So, we decided we would attempt to answer that very question.

Comfort = Productivity

The more comfortable someone is in their working environment, the more productive they are likely to be. One of the reasons people choose to hot desk is because it allows them to take control of some of the factors that determine their comfort. From lighting to working position and temperature, workers can select the ideal conditions for them, so that they can get to work with the minimum of fuss.

In a traditional office, there is often a greater number of people to please when it comes to working conditions, but when hot desking, you can frequently have more autonomy over those conditions. For example, if you’re someone who prefers a lot of sunlight and warmth, you might choose to sit right next to a window.

The conditions in which you’re most productive are likely to change on a day-to-day basis, and with hot desking, you are able to switch desks based on your needs on that particular day. Maybe you’re struggling with productivity, so you choose to situate yourself in the corner of the room, away from the main conversation, for example.

Ergonomics and Productivity

Extensive ergonomic studies show the importance of good posture and correct sitting arrangements for productivity. It goes without saying that workers suffering from pain are not able to perform at their optimum efficiency.

Unlike in a traditional office where you’re often stuck with whatever desk and chair you have been assigned, with hot desking in Essex, you will typically have a choice of seating arrangements, as well as a range of desks and seats with adjustable elements, which helps to ensure optimum circulation and levels of comfort.

Depending on the work you are doing each day, you can choose from more relaxed or formal seating arrangements. Hot desking allows individuals to have maximum autonomy, which helps to increase not only their comfort, health and productivity but also their well-being.

The Link Between Hot Desking and Wellbeing

The first way in which hot desking improves staff well-being – and therefore their productivity – is that it allows them to get to know their peers to a greater extent. When you are sitting in the same spot every day, it can be hard to begin conversations with employees who aren’t seated near you. Hot desking encourages staff to mingle with one another, which has been proven to benefit wellbeing.

Additionally, being in control of your own environment is likely to have a positive impact on your well-being as an individual. While some people prefer to chat during their day, others might be happier to sit in a quiet spot and get on with their work. Being able to choose the environment that makes them more productive can have positive effects either way.

On the other hand, some people might not enjoy being able to sit in a different place every day, and perhaps this could induce anxiety. In these situations, it is important to be able to speak to a manager to ensure your needs are being met, too.

The Verdict on Hot Desking Productivity

While there may be downsides to hot desking, the benefits generally far outweigh the potential cons. As people return to the office and many do so on a full-time basis, it is more important than ever that they have the autonomy to create their ideal working environment to as great an extent as possible.

Productivity is based on a number of factors, but ensuring comfort, health and well-being is key to guaranteeing that workers are happy and productive.

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