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While there are many benefits that can come with hot desking, some people might find it stressful because they no longer “own” a desk and feel unable to personalise their workspace.

Although it may not be practical for people to move hordes of personal items from desk to desk each day, it is important for staff well-being that they can set up a desk each day in a way that suits them. A range of factors like desk layout, monitor height and even things like adjustable armrests can allow people to feel in control of their workspace and make them more productive.


What is Hot Desking?

The term “hot desking” essentially refers to the practice of providing a pool of different desks and allowing people to choose where they sit each day. This replaces the traditional notion of each employee having one consistent space that they always use when they turn up to work each day.


Tips On How to Make a Hot Desk More Personal

Consider Lighting

Ideally, you would be able to choose a desk with the right level of light for whatever you’re working on each given day. Realistically, the nature of hot desk booking – whereby you will essentially grab whatever space is available on the day – means you might not be able to do this. Even if you’re not able to control the level of natural light, one thing that you can control is the amount of light you get via lamps.

If you’re working on something that requires a lot of concentration or high visibility, you might want to purchase a bright lamp and direct it towards your workspace. Similarly, you can opt for a darker workspace by turning off any lamps in your space if you need things a little less bright.


The majority of computer accessories like keyboards and mouse mats are plain and simple. However, by swapping boring colourless mats for something personal, you can bring your own workspace to life, no matter where you’re sitting.

It is important to consider hot desking etiquette when you are working in a shared space. Still, as long as you don’t bring any potentially offensive patterns or images to your desk, you will be able to jazz up your personal workspace in little to no time.

Stationery Organisers

In a similar way to the aforementioned accessories, using stationery organisers to keep your workspace neat and tidy can provide the perfect solution for professionally personalising your hot desk space.

Your chosen stationery organiser will allow you to store all of your office essentials readily at your fingertips so that you won’t need to spend time searching for your pens. Even better, you can choose colourful organisers that add a splash of colour to your desk, so that you’re benefiting in terms of functionality and aesthetics.

Personal Pictures

Spending eight or more hours a day at a desk can make it feel as though you’re locked in a separate world from your family and friends.

Having personal images of your friends or family at your desk can help keep you motivated and be a good talking point for you and your colleagues when you are taking breaks. Displaying images of those that you care about can be a great way to personalise your space without taking up too much room or being an inconvenience when you are moving from desk to desk. At the end of the day, simply pack your belongings into a box/bag/locker and retrieve them the next day.

When you are on the lookout for a hot desk to rent and turn to CREATE Business Hub, you can benefit from super-fast broadband and fantastic facilities. So, wherever you find yourself sitting, you will know that you’re prepared to enjoy another day at the office. Get in touch.