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What does your brand say about you?

The need for a hard-working successful brand has evolved significantly over the last decade, with online services like YouTube, Instagram, Etsy and others giving individuals access to a global market, the need to stand out and establish a recognisable brand has never been so important. So, with the world at your fingertips can you honestly say that you have made the most of your brand? Does your branding reflect your company style, target audience, aims and ambitions?

As a company grows and evolves in it approach to business, so should your brand identity. Imagine, if you were to ask a stranger to look at your marketing materials and branded goods, would they be able to make a fair analysis of your company?

If you’re not sure that they would be able to, then it’s time to take stock of your company appearance and carry out a brand audit.

Gather all your marketing materials together and view them collectively, are they all following your brand guidelines?

Now go back to basics… You will find the whole outcome is more successful if you do!

  1. Does your logo represent the market you are aiming for?
  2. Are your corporate colours suited to your brand product/service or just a personal choice?
  3. Do you have up to date images of your products/service?
  4. Do you have alternative versions of your logo for different purposes, such as simplified for embroidery, single colour, and negative versions?
  5. Is the language you use consistent and suited to your target market?

Once you have carried out a brand audit, you should be able to make a clear assessment of your current brand status and what areas need work, or maybe you need to have a whole brand refresh.

Once you have your new cohesive brand in place, now is the time to put all that effort and work to good use.

As well as updating all your existing marketing collateral, why not take your brand one step further…

Create a repeat pattern to be used to upholster a bespoke piece of furniture for your showroom, shop or office, or maybe use it as a feature wallpaper to grow your brand, or on some promotional items and bespoke products.

If your customers trust your products/service, then it’s usually because they trust in your brand, this in turn will lead to recognition and recommendations. So, don’t put off updating your brand any longer, it plays a very important role in the growth of your business, and the time spent keeping it up to date will repay you time and time again in generated sales.

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